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Going prog

My original thought for this blog was to post about both photography and music. I think it’s time I post about music now – but with photos, of course. There are a few gigs and such I’ve been meaning to … Continue reading

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Making or taking it?

This week I’ve been watching the free photo workshops at as it is their creativeLIVE Photo Week. A few basic technique sessions, a newborn photography workshop, a wedding photography workshop and half a rock photography lecture. (Half only because … Continue reading

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Exceptional autumn

It has been a fantastic autumn so far here in Finland. Warm, sunny, delightful. On the average about 5C warmer than usually at this time of the year. And it has been a regular cornucopia of pretty (albeit somewhat cliched) … Continue reading

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If it’s not early in the morning, it’s late at night

I just realized I’m rather fond of photographing at really peculiar hours. A dawn shoot is somewhat understandable, but late nights are an oddity. Except if you’re into rock photography, like I am. It all started with me having an … Continue reading

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Shooting at ridiculous o’clock

I have to confess I’m really not a morning person. Really not. If you were to see me shuffle around my apartment, half asleep and cranky, on an average work day morning at 6.30 am – you wouldn’t think I’m … Continue reading

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Observations through a lens

Hello there! Welcome to my first ever photo blog. Not my first ever blog by any means, but the first one I created here in WordPress and the first one that is dedicated to my photography alone. This is where … Continue reading

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