Observations through a lens

Hello there! Welcome to my first ever photo blog. Not my first ever blog by any means, but the first one I created here in WordPress and the first one that is dedicated to my photography alone.

This is where I plan to write about my photo shoots, whether they be walks in nature or visits to the photo pits of rock concerts. I will try to transform my observations through a lens into blog posts. We’ll see how this turns out. You’re welcome to join me on this journey.

A quiet reflective moment on a September morning

A quiet reflective moment on a September morning

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4 Responses to Observations through a lens

  1. walter says:

    It’s a nice first shoot, indeed!

    • Johanna Ahonen says:

      Thanks, Walter! I’ve got my photo stuff scattered all over the net (in Flickr, FB and 365 Project), but I thought this would be a nice place to have, a place where I can add a few words to my pics. Stories of how the images came to be and so on. Glad to see you stopped by so quickly! 🙂

  2. Lilian Druve says:

    Good luck with your photo blog here on wp!

    • Johanna Ahonen says:

      Thanks so much, Lilian! Learning my way around yet, but as I’ve been a blogger in one way or another for almost 10 years already, I suppose I’ll get the hang of WP soon, too! 🙂 Thanks for the support – I never expected any comments on a post like this. 🙂

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