Exceptional autumn

It has been a fantastic autumn so far here in Finland. Warm, sunny, delightful. On the average about 5C warmer than usually at this time of the year. And it has been a regular cornucopia of pretty (albeit somewhat cliched) autumn photo opportunities.

Misty fields are just so wonderfully autumnal.

Misty fields are just so wonderfully autumnal.

My most frequent regret last week was the fact that I had to go to work every morning. The morning mists (well, fogs, to be exact) were stunning and I just had to drive through them 120km/h on a road on which stopping is not allowed. My heart just broke so many times.

One of my favourite little bridges around.

One of my favourite little bridges around.

Which is why I did another early morning shoot this past Saturday. Not as early as the previous one (because I was anticipating thick fog that would not dissolve until midday) and the location was less grand. On my way to the place I had in mind, I had to stop at one of my recent fave spots. A tiny, old bridge that can be shot from a more modern bridge right next to it. There were some lovely wisps of mist around, they created a slightly fairytale(ish) feel to the shot.

In the tiny valley the wind hadn't yet cleared the mist.

In the tiny valley the wind hadn’t yet cleared the mist.

Once I got to the location I originally had in mind, there was no mist left to speak of and I had to do with shooting reflections rather than mythical, misty landscapes. Oh well, there’s beauty in reflections as well.

Everyone has this shot.

Everyone has this shot.

The colours of the autumn aren’t very red this year, because it’s been so warm and dry. The leaves are mostly turning yellow and brown, and they’ll fall before the night temperatures fall low enough for reds. I don’t mind it being warm, not at all, but I would really love some reds. But let’s face it, New England autumn colours cannot be found in SW Finland. Perhaps in a few isolated spots where maples can be found, but in general, our autumns are more yellowish than anything else. Things may be different up North in Lapland, but I’m not going to be able to go there when the colours are at their best. A little thing called a daytime job prevent me from dashing away for all sorts of wonderful photo travels.

Tweaked prettiness.

The colours weren’t quite this golden in real life – had to tweak them a bit.

So there. A few tastes of autumn around Turku, Finland.

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3 Responses to Exceptional autumn

  1. abbey7224 says:

    Beautiful! Makes me want to be there..

  2. KatiC says:

    Fantastic stuff. You are REAAALLY good! Almost makes me regret that I’m not in Finland! But then again, with a broken camera, one does not shoot anyways…

    • Johanna Ahonen says:

      Thanks so much, Kati! 🙂 But oh noes, a broken camera! That’s not good! :/ I hope you get it fixed soon, I’m very much enjoying looking at your shots from Japan & China. Anyhow, it’s grey, rainy and boring today, so you don’t have to regret not being in Finland that much. Hahah!

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