Going down the analogue path

Cool kids shoot film, a very cool friend of mine said. I didn’t think I was cool, but look what happened! I got my hands on a cute little Yashica-A (and more recently borrowed a Minox 35L from my dad) and it’s been love at first frame. Which was in February. I’m genuinely sorry for not posting in ages – I went through a rough patch and the little Yashica, among other things, has helped me get back on track.

In any case, it’s been enormous fun to shoot 120 film (with 12 frames per roll – it’s not very cheap, either) and even fun to make mistakes. Double exposures, mostly.


Here’s the little darling

It’s been nice to notice that the basics of photography I’ve learned with a digital camera, have really made a difference. A few years back I wouldn’t have known how to expose shots correctly (which explains all the horrible pictures I’ve shot throughout the years with my p&s cameras, before I knew anything…) but it’s not an issue now. The issue is that I’m just the worst person to judge distances… Anyway, the Minox is coming with me to Rome (with two rolls of 36 exposure films) and I’m looking forward to capturing some of the Urbs Aeterna on film. (600D is also coming, but it’s just such a huge hulk compared to the tiny Minox that I might just leave it at the hotel on some days.)

Here are some of my Yashica shots, however. We’ll get back to Rome when I’ve returned from there.


Morning by the river




Look twice





Those are some of the better frames out of the four films I’ve shot with the Yashica so far. There’ll be more.

I hope to see you all around a bit more this summer, just not while I’m in Rome or in Stockholm. But I’ll be on vacation in any case and this year my vacation does include my very first wedding photo shoot plus at least one rock festival I’m going to attend with a proper photo pass, so I can shoot all the gigs. Ought to be fun, that.


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4 Responses to Going down the analogue path

  1. helenbriggsyork says:

    Beautiful photos and welcome back 🙂

  2. dehk says:

    You’re a cool kid now 😉

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