Learning from a master

Thanks to getting a huge work related project done this past week, it was nice to have a chance to concentrate on my photography properly for a full weekend. It’s been ages since I’ve had the luxury of creating something and challenging myself by learning new skills – or even taking the camera out for something more than an hour’s walk by the seaside.



Photography workshops by Tiina Puputti are always a super interesting opportunity to learn lighting and portraiture from a master. Tiina is definitely one of my Finnish photographer idols. Her technical skills are super impressive and her lessons are very useful for an amateur (and pro) photographer.



This weekend was all about portrait photography on location. Our location was the beautiful inn & manor in Tuorla, near Turku, in SW Finland. In quite varying conditions we shot both in- and outdoors – or at least some of us did. I shot all my workshop frames outdoors, in the all kinds of lighting & weather conditions we had. First it was cloudy (nice, even light, soft contrasts), then partly sunny (even light turning into hard, direct sunlight in a blink of an eye) and finally today, on Sunday, literally sun sun sun! I was super happy to be outdoors all day long, with my camera and some really nice people.



I shot the portraits of two models, a young man called Tuomas and a lady called Taina. I was quite happy with the results and the feedback I got from Tiina wasn’t all bad, either. There’s certainly room for improvement, there always is, but I’m really glad I had the chance to learn new stuff again.



Next thing on the list? Finally buying some flashes, tripods and umbrellas. Once I get that done, I want to start asking for people to come and model for me more often, so I can learn more about portrait photography. It isn’t yet my strong point, but I can make it one!

I’ve been so stressed out lately (well, the past year, certainly) that a weekend like this one was truly needed for some major recharging of my batteries. I’ve been missing photography and the fact that I’m now feeling happier than in ages, after just two days of shooting, tells me a lot. I need to do more of this stuff again. It’s good for me.

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