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Testissä Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM (osa 1, kirkkoarkkitehtuuri ja parvekemaisemat)

Sain Canonilta testattavaksi upouuden huippulaajakulmaobjektiivin. Hurjan iso kiitos siitä näin heti alkuun! Olen nyt testaillut linssiä muutaman ruudun verran. Voin sanoa, että olen vaikuttunut jo nyt, vaikka kuvaustilanteet ovat toistaiseksi olleet aika rajatut. Testailu jatkuu myöhemmin tällä viikolla edellisen postauksen … Continue reading

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Another year gone by and I’m still not doing very well with my blogging… Work seems to be draining me of extra creative energies – and most importantly, time. And that’s why things are pretty much in deep freeze over … Continue reading

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Crop of 2014

Once again I notice I have been a very lazy blogger. It was quite a topsy-turvy year, 2014. I didn’t shoot as much as before, but now that things are finally settling down in my life, I hope to have … Continue reading

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From me to you

As I am finishing up cleaning the house and before plopping myself down on the comfy coach to watch Doctor Who for hours, I’ll just post a little something here. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, however you … Continue reading

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Best of 2013 – My Photo Moments

Sorry about the long silence on the blog front. Work and other duties (the paying kind) have required my attention to such an extent that I’ve been forced to cut down on screen time at home. My back’s just not … Continue reading

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Observations through a lens

Hello there! Welcome to my first ever photo blog. Not my first ever blog by any means, but the first one I created here in WordPress and the first one that is dedicated to my photography alone. This is where … Continue reading

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