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Best of 2013 – Gigs Top5

I promised I’d post a bit about last year’s gigs and give you my Top5 from 2013. Well, I’ve thought about it rather long and hard, but finally was able to make a list of sorts. First, some stats. All … Continue reading

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From me to you

As I am finishing up cleaning the house and before plopping myself down on the comfy coach to watch Doctor Who for hours, I’ll just post a little something here. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, however you … Continue reading

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Going prog

My original thought for this blog was to post about both photography and music. I think it’s time I post about music now – but with photos, of course. There are a few gigs and such I’ve been meaning to … Continue reading

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If it’s not early in the morning, it’s late at night

I just realized I’m rather fond of photographing at really peculiar hours. A dawn shoot is somewhat understandable, but late nights are an oddity. Except if you’re into rock photography, like I am. It all started with me having an … Continue reading

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